Factoring is More than just Cash Flow

You may be aware of Factoring as a way to help finance your new, current or expanding business operations but did you know that factoring is more than just cash flow?

You may be aware of the benefits of factoring for:

  • Accessing cash flow through factor financing (sometimes within 24 hours) vs waiting for invoice payment on a 30, 60 or even 90 day payment schedule
  •  Checking your new customers credit scores and history in a professional, efficient and time effective way to ensure your company can process new customer applications quickly and decrease the risk of poorly paying customers.
  • Handling the operational task of bill collection and accounting

Each industry and company have their unique needs

No two companies are alike and no two industries are either, so wouldn’t your company benefit best by a Factor who takes the time to understand your uniqueness? Would you like to have a Factoring Company that spends time to get to know your company, it’s history and what your future plans are?

Would your company benefit from a custom plan made specifically for your company and industry? Would you benefit from a RoadMap to help give you direction and make sure you are taking the right road to achieve the right destination?

This is what makes PCF different and much more that just a cash flow financing option for your business. At Provident Commercial Finance, LLC we give you a RoadMap unique to you, your company and your goals! PCF's  RoadMap  is a custom plan made specifically for your company to show you how to transition from factoring into a more traditional bank structure or give you options on how best to utilize the appropriate source of financing and support for your company.

Helping you to ease your load

We are also here to help automate a traditionally paper heavy process through technology and industry knowledge. This is our area of expertise and we want to pass that on to you. The benefit to you and your business? Time and money savings, removing the worry to you of getting paid, eliminating the need for you to search out and hire extra financing, bookkeeping or accounting staff on your own.

Helping you through strategic alliances and partnerships

Benefit from strategic alliances and partnerships through PCF. Let us help you source options in your industry. For example, in the Transportation Industry we can help you:     

  • Find loads
  • Take care of your fuel tax preparation and permitting needs
  •  Provide truck and trailer financing… and more…

PCF is committed to helping you reach your goals - getting you from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

Contact us today for your personal RoadMap™ to success!